Study Leave

Welcome to the study leave guidance page for medical and dental staff, containing information regarding:

  • How to apply for funding
  • Funding entitlements
  • What can be claimed for
  • How to claim expenses
  • Online study leave pilot


How to apply for funding:

The Medical Education department administers study leave funding for all Junior Doctors (doctors on training programmes and Trust appointed doctors) and Consultants.

For all enquiries please contact

Study-Leave Form All applicants should complete the study leave application form. You must complete all fields on the form and return it to the study leave administrator 8 weeks prior to the course date.

Junior Doctors should get the form signed by their consultant.

Consultants should get the form signed by the clinical lead.

Please note that retrospective claims will not be processed.

Funding entitlements

F1 doctors are not entitled to any study leave budget.  This is top-sliced by Medical Education to fund all mandatory training courses.

F2 doctors may claim up to £200 for a course relevant to their training.

Doctors in Training

There is no longer a budget for Junior Doctors in Training.   All courses attended must be mandated by HEE.  Further information can be found on the HEE Portal

Trust Doctors may claim up to £850 per doctor per year pro rata, depending on contract length. This allocation can increase to £1000 for an MSc course.

Consultants can claim up to £500 in each financial year (April 1st – March 31st).

Please note:

  • The Medical Education team does not settle invoices. The applicant settles and we reimburse the money after the course has taken place.
  • We do not fund examination fees or expenses.
  • The department or directorate must note when the period of study leave will be taken, and arrange cover accordingly.

What can be claimed for

For Doctors in Training courses that are on the HEE mandated list can be claimed for. This includes course fees as well as second class travel (not within Greater London or overseas courses/conferences) and hotel accommodation.

Intrepid Information and User guides

The Intrepid system can be accessed via the following link:

You will receive a welcome email with login details if you are a junior doctor or educational supervisor in a specialty that is using the system.


Please see the two user guides below depending on whether you are applying for or approving leave:

Intrepid Study Leave Applicant Guide

Intrepid Study Leave Approver Guide


If you require assistance please email:

Specialties using Intrepid



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Obstetrics and Gynaecology