Corporate Induction

All substantive staff joining the Trust need to complete the Trust Corporate Induction which comprises of four parts:  

Part 1 – Mandatory E-Induction programme

Part 2 – Microsoft Teams Virtual Induction

Part 3 – Staff ID Request

Part 4 – Local Induction

Part 1 – Mandatory E-Induction programme

Staff will need to complete the Mandatory E-Induction programme before their first day.

The programme follows a patient journey through the Trust acute and community services. The programme takes approximately an hour to complete

Welcome to Equality Diversity and Inclusion at GSTT

The Trust is fully committed to Equality Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I) for all of it’s staff and patients.  Please see the videos from Manal Sadik- Associate Director for Equality Diversity and Inclusion and Dr Ian Abbs- Chief Executive, outlining its commitment to ED&I.


As part of the Trusts Statutory and Mandatory training programme, there is an EDI E-Learning module which all staff must complete on a 3 yearly cycle. Please click on the link provided to take you to the module. The module does not have to be completed during your Corporate Induction programme but we do ask that you complete it at the earliest opportunity once in post:

Part 2 – Microsoft Teams Virtual Induction

Staff will also be invited to attend a Microsoft Teams Virtual Induction on a Monday at 14:00. Details will be sent to the delegate  during the week before they start.

Programme Length: 1 hour.

Part 3 Staff ID Request Form

In the week before the start date staff are asked to complete the staff ID request and collect their ID badge from the Education Centre within their first week. Signature and collection of the ID Badge will confirm that the new starter has started work and will be activated on the payroll system.

If staff are required to attend any other induction programmes as part of their new role they will receive an email confirming this.

Part 4 – Local Induction

All new staff must also complete a local induction. This will be arranged with your manager.

Recruitment will be in touch once all the checks are complete to arrange an Induction date. If you have any questions regarding the offer process please contact the Recruitment external enquiry line on 0207 9802852 or internal on ext 81700.


There may be some staff who although not on GSTT payroll will need to attend Corporate Induction as a guest. Please contact ET&D direct to arrange.

The Corporate Induction programme is organised and facilitated by Ann Stroud Education Training & Development Co-ordinator. If you have any questions about the programme please contact Ann via trust email or on extension 86709.

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