Lived Experience of Dementia in a Hospital Setting

Course outline

This course aims to attempt to see the “me” in dementia rather than the traditional sentiment of “it’s because of the dementia”, this approach we hope will improve confidence and experience in dementia care for all.

Through workshops and immersive experiential learning experiences the programme will help you

  • Develop your confidence to responding to the feelings and needs that lie behind the actions and words of people living with dementia.
  • Understand and utilise evidence based clinical interventions in care delivery of a patient with dementia.


  • On average 25 per cent of people in hospital will have dementia at any one time. Traditionally dementia based training has helped people understand protocols and why there is memory loss but hasn’t focussed on the understanding what it’s like or why certain things can trigger behaviours.
  • We wish to equip healthcare professionals with a greater understanding of dementia beyond the memory loss diagnosis by creating immersive experiences so that they can develop insights into the patients they care for.
  • We believe it helps if staff understand some of the difficulties faced, what might be behind triggers for some behaviours, and from there we can all consider ways we can address common difficulties in everyday acute and fundamental care delivery in hospitals and home.

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