Non-Invasive Ventilation Practical Skills (Half Day)

Using the latest in simulation technology and based upon the latest guidelines and evidence you will learn from the experts in the field of Non-Invasive Ventilation.  You will learn how to initiate, manage, trouble shoot, and escalate Non-Invasive Ventilation  in the emergency and acute environment.

Learn from lectures and hands-on workshops.

Learning outcomes include:

  • To understand the scientific principles of respiratory failure.
  • To Understand the principles and function of NIV.
  • To Recognise both the indications and contraindications for NIV.
  • To be safely able to prescribe, set up, and trouble shoot NIV
  • To recognise the limitations of NIV.
  • To learn basic principles of Human Factors in healthcare.

This course is suitable for:

  • CMTs and ST3+
  • Nurses and Physiotherapists (Band 6+)
  • Those looking to gain new skills
  • Those who have just started a new role
  • Those who have re-validation coming up
  • Maternity leave returners
  • Any consultants who require a refresher or introduction to NIV
  • Doctors about to become a registrar
  • Doctors moving to district hospitals

A comprehensive understanding of basic respiratory physiology is a pre-requisite for this course

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