Clinical Radiology

Welcome to Guy’s and St Thomas’ Clinical Radiology specialty training programme.

This post graduate specialty programme provides trainees with the skills, experience and training to prepare you for a career in Clinical Radiology. This popular Specialty training programme last for five years and it is underpinned by effective clinical and educational supervision and effective communication between clinical and educational supervisors. This helps to promote a culture of prompt identification of learning needs which enables us to put measures in place to effectively meet individuals’ learning needs in a timely fashion.

All Trainees in our programmes have extensive access to Simulation and Interactive Learning skills and academic training through a significant BRC grant as part of the AHSC and inter-professional training within education and training as well as communication skills enhancement.

The Leadership framework will be embedded in the cross cutting elements of their educational programme as members of KHP, in combination with enhanced audit and Quality Improvement Project opportunities. Not only will these KHP standards be available to all but will also be shared with our partners in the community where we already have leadership QIPs in place.

imagesCore modular training in the first 3 years involves radiology placements of 2-4 months duration in the following: paediatrics, gastrointestinal/hepatobiliary, chest, breast, neurology, head and neck, musculoskeletal, intervention, oncology, nuclear medicine including PET-CT, gynaecology, genitourinary, chest and cardiovascular. All these modules are provided across the GSTFT and KCH sites. The final 2/3 years involve subspecialty training in one or two of these areas, depending on trainee choice.

There are subspecialty fellowships in intervention, cross sectional/oncology, cardiac, breast, gastrointestinal, neuroradiology and musculoskeletal imaging.  These fellowships are very competitive and are consistently filled on an annual basis.

The training programme has a track record of delivering all aspects of Clinical Radiology. Enhanced training opportunities available in our programme include:

Simulation and Interactive Leaning (SaIL) Centre provides a state of the art, dedicated patient simulator training facility with a range of innovative multi-disciplinary courses aimed at improving patient safety.  Courses are run emphasising communication, leadership and teaching. It brought together expertise from across the King’s Health Partners including:

  • GSTFT skills in High fidelity simulation training, Human factors and faculty development.
  • KCL expertise in communication, E-learning and Educational research.
  • KCH recognised abilities in surgical skills training.

This has received international and national recognition and in addition has been recognised by the National Patient Safety authority for its work in patient safety. The centre’s core values are:

  • Inter-professional education (IPE).
  • Patient safety.
  • Non-technical skills / Human factors training.
  • This includes human patient simulation, patient actors and standardised patients, clinical communication, clinical skills and surgical skills training.
Use of e-learning

There are computer resources available for all Trainees with access to KCL online resources as well as to the R-ITI eLearning resource. Trainees are encouraged to use the R-ITI as part of their preparation for the part 1 and part 2 FRCR examinations and references to this are made in the RCR course. KCL has an e-learning portal that includes 3D anatomy learning and access to all main medical journals.

Leadership Opportunities

GSTFT as part of King’s Health Partners (KHP) has established a series of training programmes to incentivise young doctors to lead from the front line. This provides local and relevant high quality training to match any current national schemes. With our successful bids for Leadership programs we are covering the following three main priorities:

  • supporting quality improvement
  • graded opportunities for leadership responsibilities
  • broadening understanding of systems processes
Pan-London Training Opportunities

We will collaborate with colleagues to create world-class opportunities. We will seek out to achieve more than the curriculum requires without excessive costs. Overseas fellowships for further subspecialty training (eg. oncology/musculoskeletal fellowships in Canada and the USA) are also encouraged in the 5th and 6th year of training, where applicable.

Research Opportunities

There is the opportunity for trainees to develop research competencies in both diagnostic and interventional radiology. KCL run regular courses on statistical analysis, successful grant application and other aspects of research activity.
Dedicated funding for research will be acquired through various sources (e.g. the Wellcome rust, CRUK and NIHR Biomedical Research Centre). Research will involve functional CT and MR imaging in the field of oncology and carried out in collaboration with Imaging Sciences with dedicated MRI scanner time available for research projects.  Functional techniques involving dynamic contrast enhanced MRI, diffusion weighted imaging, perfusion CT and texture analysis are being investigated.   Recently a multicentre study looking at whole body diffusion weighted -MRI for staging colorectal and lung cancer has received NIHR approval.  There are many clinical trials already on-going in breast cancer and other tumours, with opportunities for collaborative research in phase 1 trials with oncologists.  KHP is in the process of applying for dedicated research funding to support radiology trainees who wish to participate in oncology imaging research.

To apply please visit the London Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education website.

All of our Lead Provider trainees have access to a host of Professional Development opportunities. For more information on our Professional Development courses please visit the School of Improvement section in courses and events.

Patient populations come from a wide range of socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds. Clinical Radiology training take place across all sites.

The training Locations are:

  • Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust (GSTT)
  • King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (KCH)


Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like further information please contact the Lead Provider team at [email protected]

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