Delirium and Dementia

Delirium and Dementia: Improving Patient Safety through Care and Compassion

Nature of Course: This course is free to all NHS staff employed within Health Education South London

Course Director: Colette Laws-Chapman, Simulation Lead for Non Medical Staff


Dementia is a condition that pervades every aspect of a patient’s life. As such it is necessary to work collaboratively across institutional and organisational divides to provide healthcare that is centred around the patient and their carers. This course is a multi-modal interprofessional simulation intervention that involves healthcare professionals from primary and secondary care learning together with patients and carers. The course will assist in enhancing standards further so that care quality is more person and carer focussed.

The course is designed to allow learners to understand and appreciate others view points. In addition to the learning that occurs between primary and secondary care, attendees will also be learning from patients and carers. This course will focus on the technical skills in the management of dementia and delirium, patient empowerment, care delivered across boundaries, Human Factors and non-technical skills and interprofessional learning.


    Acute/Community/District Nurses
•    Medical Staff (E.g CMT, SMT, ST, Consultant and GP)
    Allied Health Professionals

Dates & Fees:

Please contact the Simulation team for more information on dates & course fees.

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