Foundation Simulation Programme for Foundation Year doctors & newly qualified Nurses & Midwives



One day course.

Candidates have an introductory lecture and a session to familiarize them with the simulation environment, followed by several simulated clinical communication scenarios.

Debriefing sessions take place after each scenario, where candidates can reflect on their and the group’s performance, guided by experienced facilitators.


This course reinforces foundation curriculum learning. It uses common clinical situations ranging from acute emergencies to communication-based scenarios.
It introduces the interpersonal and cognitive skills required to perform effectively in complex clinical situations through ‘human factors’ training – also known as non-technical skills (NTS).


For foundation doctors, years 1 and 2, and newly qualified preceptorship nurses & midwives.


GSTT attendees will be given a date by their foundation programme co-ordinator or nursing preceptorship programme co-ordinator.


Be aware that attendance and participation in Simulation-based training at the SaIL centre involves the use of live audio-visual recording. This is to support your learning & for internal faculty development. Please inform us if you do not want to participate as we may not be able to offer you training.

The Simulation & Interactive Learning (SaIL) centre is actively involved in research to improve simulation based learning.  Data may be collected on your training day as part of this research programme.

The data we collect is not to pass judgement on your performance but to develop greater understanding of the ways in which people learn through Simulation.  You will have the chance to learn more about this research and ask questions on the day of this course.


Medical Education