Improving Patient Safety in Critical Care (IPSCC)

The course begins with an introduction to non-technical skills (NTS). This outlines key non-technical skills/human factors involved in caring for patients, such as effective communication, anticipation and planning, and taking a leadership role.

We then cover 5 to 6 scenarios during the day. We debrief after each scenario, focusing on the key NTS points.

To be realistic, the scenarios use high-fidelity simulation.

Who is the Course for?

This 1-day course is suitable for all multidisciplinary team members and bands 5, 6 and 7 nurses.


4th March 2020

8th April 2020

5th May 2020

2nd June 2020

8th July 2020

4th August 2020

1st September 2020

6th October 2020



GSTT staff are rota’d to attend by their relevant clinical line managers. Please contact the following:

Doctors – [email protected]
Nurses – [email protected]

For further information

Contact the Simulation Team or call 0207 188 4802

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