Interview Preparation Skills for Junior Doctors

This half day course aims to give you an insight into the structure of the interviews for the national programmes. It will cover what is expected from interviews and practice giving ‘answers that stand out’. The course will be delivered by consultants who interview for national training programmes.

This half day course will cover:

  • To understand the structure of the interview for national training programmes
  • To practice interview style questions
  • To understand techniques of delivering good answers
  • To provide constructive feedback on interview answers

CPPD Points: Pending


Tuesday 26th February 2019 – GSTT Staff  Book Now

Tuesday 26th February 2019 – External candidates £150.00 Book Now

Tuesday 24th September 2019

Time: 09:00 – 13:00

Venue: Sherman Education Centre, Sherman Lecture Theatre, 4th Floor, Southwark Wing, Guy’s

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