Introduction to Simulation (Two Day Course)



A comprehensive two-day programme created specifically for those with a role in clinical education and training who wish to enhance their teaching skills in simulation-based education. It forms the start of the faculty development programme at SaIL. The programme provides an interactive mix of theory and practical application of simulation, informed by educational research and best practice.

This course is for staff and teams interested in understanding more about how simulation-based learning interventions can enhance patient safety and team working in clinical settings and the simulation centre.

We recommend that attendees complete this course prior to further faculty development training at SaIL.

Course Aim:

This course provides participants with the foundational knowledge and skills to contribute to simulation-based training in clinical practice settings.

Learning Outcomes:

After completion of the full programme, participants will be able to:

  • identify and write learning objectives for clinical skills or scenario-based training appropriate to their clinical setting
  • design a basic clinical scenario clearly aligned with the learning objectives
  • use low technology simulators, part-task trainers or manikins to create realistic learning opportunities in the workplace
  • use basic debriefing skills to contribute to simulation learning


On the first day of this interactive course, workshops will focus on the principles of simulation, writing and facilitating scenarios, and ‘hands-on’ practical activities with simulation equipment. Building on this experience, participants develop a scenario suitable for their own clinical settings and return on day two to set up and run the scenario with support from experienced SaIL faculty. Participants both give and receive structured feedback through the course, providing valuable experience in how debriefing contributes to simulation-based learning.

Who is the Course for?

The course is open to those with a direct role in clinical workforce development and who will be supported to deliver simulation-based education as part of their role. Teams of 2-4 staff from a dept/ ward are encouraged to attend as a group where possible. Students starting the SaIL faculty development programme are able to attend as individuals.

Please note: To independently debrief complex, high-fidelity simulation-based scenarios, participants should plan to continue their development with the Essential Debriefing course.


14th & 28th January 2020

3rd & 17th March 2020

12th & 26th May 2020

7th & 28th July 2020

23rd & 29th September 2020 

17th & 24th November 2020

To book a place/for further information please email [email protected]

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