Managing Stress

Managing Stress

Nature of Course: Open to internal GSTT attendees, GPs (and Trainees) and community-based practitioners within South London

Course Directors: Dr Peter Jaye, Consultant in Emergency Medicine, and Suzy Wilson, Artistic Director of CLOD Ensemble


•      Do you work in a stressful environment?
•      Do you often have to manage your own stress in the moment?
•      Do you notice the impact of others’ stress on yourself, your patients and other colleagues?
•      Do you take your stress home with you, and do you sometimes struggle to unwind in the evenings?

This course introduces some basic exercises and relaxation techniques to further develop your physical awareness and help prepare for busy and stressful schedules.


•      To provide exercises and tools to enable delegates to better manage stressful situations, through preparation before work, at the time, and afterwards.
•      To equip delegates with skills to better recognize stress in themselves and in others.
•      To explore strategies to prioritise effectively and build resilience at work.

You will investigate techniques that will bring your body back to a more resourceful state after or during stress, developing ways in which to cope with the physical demands of working in healthcare.

You will learn how you can restore energy, identify and release tension and therefore allow your body to perform at it’s best, building stamina and resilience to cope with long hours.

In addition, you will explore ways that body language and posture can enhance your ability to communicate effectively and confidently with others, and develop strategies to prioritise effectively.


This 1-day course is open to all grades of Medical, Nursing, AHP, Nursing Assistant and Clerical staff



•      Although this course is centrally funded, making it free for you to attend, you may be charged if you book a place but do not attend on the day.


•      Please email the Simulation team for more information.

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