Medical Opthalmology

Welcome to Guy’s and St Thomas’ for Kings Health Partners Medical Ophthalmology specialty training programme.

This post graduate specialty programme provides trainees with the skills, experience and training to prepare you for a career in Medical Ophthalmology. Guys and St Thomas’ is particularly well placed to deliver this training programme as the only Medical Eye Unit in the country is situated at St Thomas Hospital where it has been established for 40 years and has a national and international reputation. There are well established links with all the medical specialties in the hospital as well as casualty and primary care. This facilitates the delivery of the training programme but has the added advantage that the Trainees immediately have a grasp of the importance of medical ophthalmology and where it stands in the larger picture of general medicine.


This training programme includes:
  • Access to ophthalmic specific simulation machinery at the College of Ophthalmology providing training in intraocular injection.
  • Trainees will undergo graduated teaching experience roles from educating those in primary care (optometrists, GPs), to local paramedical staff and their peers and seniors.
  • The delivery of the curriculum will include the opportunity to gain exposure in appropriate regular simulated experience / learning in order to develop team-working and managerial skills.
  • Opportunities for all Trainees to learn with other disciplines and professions in order to enhance the patient experience and outcomes.
  • Core experience in general medicine and in managing patients with eye conditions in a general hospital setting will be provided at GSTT, Moorfields will provide experience in more specialised areas of ophthalmology, in particular paediatric ophthalmology, inherited eye disease, electrophysiology, as well as developing techniques such as transplantation and gene therapy. In addition they will be exposed to the invaluable experience that comes from working in the busiest eye casualty in the world.

To apply please visit the London Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education website.

All of our Lead Provider trainees have access to a host of Professional Development opportunities. For more information on our Professional Development courses please visit the School of Improvement section in courses and events.

Training Locations:
  • Guy’s and St.Thomas Hospital
  • Moorfields
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