Occupational Health

All staff must complete the two documents below, once you have completed these please email them to the specified email addresses. Please make sure you put your full name in the title.

Information section

Please refer to the functional requirement form (FRF) before completing your Immunity Screening Questionnaire (ISQ):

If you will be undertaking Exposure-Prone Procedures (EPP) as part of your role, you will be required to undergo additional screening before immunity clearance can be issued.

Doctors requiring EPP clearance typically include those working in the following areas/specialties:

·         Emergency medicine ·         Obstetrics and Gynaecology
·         All FY1 and FY2 rotation posts ·         All surgical posts
·         All dental posts ·         All cardiology posts
·         Anaesthetic posts – Occupational Health will determine whether or not the role involves EPP following an individual risk assessment


If you will be working in one of the above specialities, please refer to the FRF for EPP workers:

Should you have any questions about the immunity screening requirements for your role, please email the Occupational Health Service at OHAdministrator@gstt.nhs.uk