Online Mandatory Training

  1. You will complete a majority of your Online Mandatory Training on your first day joining the trust via the Junior Doctor Trust Induction.
  2. However, you are required to complete two topics which aren’t included on the day; Safeguarding Adults level 2 and Child Protection Level 2.
  3. Course: Safeguarding Adults Level 2 (
  4. Course: Child Protection Level 2 (

Please allow up to 2 weeks from your start date in order to see which mandatory training will be required for your individual role. This allows time for your compliance records to be updated after you have joined the trust, in the meantime your line manager will be able to assist with any urgent training required for completion in your role.

Mandatory Training Monthly Catch Up Sessions

For those who wish to catch up on all of their mandatory training in one session, you may wish to attend one of our Junior Doctors Mandatory Training Monthly Catch Up sessions. once this session has been completed, you will be marked as compliant in all mandatory training topics, with the exception of safeguarding and IT modules. These sessions are held every month and run between 9am – 12pm.

If you would like to know when the next session will take place, please contact the Drs Compliance Team by emailing [email protected].

Please see the links to join upcoming sessions below:

Wednesday 28th February – Click here to join the meeting

Wednesday 27th March – Click here to join the meeting

Wednesday 24th April – Click here to join the meeting

Mandatory Training Monthly Catch Up Programme

Time Duration Topic
9.00-9.20 20 mins IRMER
9.20-9.40 20 mins Safe Blood Transfusion 25 mins Manual Handling – Clinical
10.05-10.35 30 mins Equality & Diversity
10.45-11.15 30 mins Information Governance
11.15-11.45 30 mins Fire
11.45-12.00 15 mins Infection Control

Please see useful contact details below:

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GSTT staff queries/login issues – [email protected]

RBH staff queries/login issues – [email protected]


General Mandatory Training queries: [email protected]


General Trust Induction queries: [email protected]

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