At the Simulation and Interactive Learning Centre we have a wide range of technological recourses that allow us to provide and support a diverse portfolio of training opportunities, these include:

  • techA variety of advanced human patient simulators to cover adult, Paediatric, maternity, new born and trauma scenarios. All our advanced manikins can be assessed using the ABCDE approach to provide a fully interactive simulation experience
  • Advanced Older person manikin for nursing skills including catheterisation stoma care and manual blood pressure taking.
  • A range of video and audio equipment that covers all of our simulation environments to allow viewing, recording and playback in any location within our simulation centre.
  • Ultrasound simulators for imaging training. and line insertion
  • Laparoscopic box trainers and haptic simulators for practicing essential skills and procedures.
  • Numerous Part-Task Trainers for practicing skills including cathereterisation cannulation phlebotomy traeosotomy and airway management.
  • Fully customisable high fidelity simulation environment that can be converted into a variety of clinical and home environments including an operating theatre, ICU, ward and care home

If you would like to know more about technology in simulation, you may be interested in attending our Innovations in Surgery and Simulation Evening.

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