Paediatric – Neonatal at a Glance Simulation (NAGS)

Dealing with difficult neonatal situations can be stressful and daunting, particularly for trainees and staff members new to the clinical environment. It is important that trainees who start working on a neonatal unit quickly develop the necessary clinical competencies to maximise patient safety. Skills can be improved by repetitive learning or practice and simulation has the advantage of accelerating the learning curve by repetitive practice. This course is aimed at all levels of Neonatal Care teams from NICU team to Obstetric birthing team.


This course aims to improve team working and technical awareness skills within inter-professional Neonatal Intensive Care teams. Using Inter-professional simulation based training to improve team working, situational awareness and effective communication within the neonatal, paediatric & Obstetric multi-disciplinary teams. We will be exploring the Human factors effecting complex team interactions alongside clinical simulation scenarios and the influence these can have on team performance and patient outcomes.

Who is this course for?

  • Band 5+ Nurses & Midwivesp1090888
  • Junior Doctors – FY1 and FY2
  • ST1-8
  • Allied Health Professionals
  • Clinical Consultants
  • HCA’s

For further information:

Contact the Simulation Team or call 0207 188 4802

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