Peer Mentoring

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Many trainees already support each other informally and with success. However this enthusiasm can develop with a single short group meeting utilising aids and tools, ensuring that everyone gets the most out of mentoring.

The programme is aimed at Foundation Trainees – Higher Level Trainees

Trainees are then matched up as follows:

  • Foundation Year 2 with Foundation Year 2
  • Core trainees with Foundation doctors.
  • Specialist Registrars with core trainees
  • Senior Specialist Registrars with new Specialist Registrars.

A certificate will be issued for your portfolio.

1 CPPD Points

For department sessions please contact

“A strong sense of organisational values, embedded throughout the organisation, can provide the foundations for clinical workers engagement; With trusts coming under growing pressure, engaging all healthcare workers in decision-making and innovation will become increasingly important. Even with good clinical practice we can always look at how we can do things better.”


Ian Abbs
Chief Medical Officer