Quality Improvement Workshops

Quality Improvement Workshops for Staff & Supervisors

Introducing a newly designed workshop developed to prepare people who will supervise staff who are carrying out a quality improvement project (QIP).

  • What’s involved in a QIP and the key stages in carrying out a QIP
  • Tools and techniques available to support a QIP and when and how they should be used
  • How to report on a QIP
  • Key points about what contributes to success in carrying out QIPs

Departments are encouraged to send a small team of staff to the day that can work together on specific clinical problems.

Facilitators: Dr Cindy Sethi & Nancy Dixon

5 CPPD Points


For Supervisors – Dates:


For Staffs- Dates:


For more information on any of our courses, please email schoolofimprovement@gstt.nhs.uk

“A strong sense of organisational values, embedded throughout the organisation, can provide the foundations for clinical workers engagement; With trusts coming under growing pressure, engaging all healthcare workers in decision-making and innovation will become increasingly important. Even with good clinical practice we can always look at how we can do things better.”


Ian Abbs
Chief Medical Officer