Simulation and Interactive Learning Centre

Simulation and Interactive Learning CentreImproving-Patient-Safety-in-Emergency-Situations-(IPSES)

The Simulation and Interactive Learning (SaIL) Centres focus on providing realistic and safe learning environments, teaching healthcare staff and students how to improve patient safety.

The aim of this type of training primarily focuses on how individuals work within teams, with the intention of helping them cope better with stressful and emotional situations that they will likely encounter in healthcare settings.

Users of the centres can be put into real-life scenarios, including intensive care and resuscitation. They can practise their roles in a variety of circumstances and reflect on how they handle potentially stressful and highly-charged emergency situations. This reflection is done by video playback where they have an opportunity after their scenario to view and discuss what happened.

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“A strong sense of organisational values, embedded throughout the organisation, can provide the foundations for clinical workers engagement; With trusts coming under growing pressure, engaging all healthcare workers in decision-making and innovation will become increasingly important. Even with good clinical practice we can always look at how we can do things better.”


Ian Abbs
Chief Medical Officer

Medical Education