Skilful Response: Managing Pressurised Critical Situations

Skilful Response: Managing Pressurised Critical Situations

Nature of Course: Open to internal GSTT attendees, GPs (and Trainees) and community-based practitioners within South London

Course Directors: Dr Peter Jaye, Consultant in Emergency Medicine, and Suzy Wilson, Artistic Director of CLOD Ensemble


•      Do you regularly deal with complex critical scenarios?
•      Do you have act quickly to deal with uncertainty in acute situations?
•      How do you manage these stressful situations at the time and at the end of the day, and does this have an impact on the rest of your life?

This course uses established methodologies from a range of disciplines to explore and practice ways of managing acute and critical scenarios effectively.


The course will equip you with new skills to manage critical scenarios more effectively in the moment and to de-stress afterwards.

You will explore and practice ways of managing uncertainty in stressful environments and build skills that will improve outcomes for yourself, your team and your patients.

You will investigate the impact that high stress events have on yourself, your team and the patient, and practice ways of responding with clarity and decisiveness when it matters.

Delegates will:

•      Understand and practice the skills involved in responding to critical events effectively
•      Practice methods of self-management to increase clarity, decisiveness and efficiency in difficult situations
•     Learn to recognise and manage stress and stressors in yourself, your team and for patients


This 1-day course is open to all grades of Medical staff, Nurses, AHPs and Nursing Assistants who are involved in critical clinical situations!


•      Please email the Simulation team for more information.

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