The Diamond – An introductory Debriefing skills course (Half-day)

The Diamond – An introductory Debriefing skills course (Half-day)

Nature of Course: Open to Internal & External attendees

Course Director: Dr Peter Jaye, Consultant in Emergency Medicine



We use classroom teaching, videos, role play and short lectures. By the end of the course, you will be able to start debriefing scenarios and apply the generic skills you have learned in your clinical work.


This half-day course gives an overview of the SaIL Debrief Diamond. This structured model – based on both educational theory and practical experience of delivering a debrief – uses the descriptive, analysis and application (DAA) debrief format.



There are 24 places available. The course is suitable for both basic and advanced debriefers. It is open to all healthcare professionals employed by Health Education South London who have a direct role in clinical workforce development and run healthcare training.


    This course is free to all Health Education South London (HESL) staff, however a £100 refundable cheque deposit will be required to secure your place.


    No dates currently available. Please contact the Simulation team to register your interest.

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