The Nightingale Project – Ward Team Safety Day

Ward Team Safety Day – Safety briefings, handovers and huddles.

A human factors course for nursing staff

Start Time 08:30 – 17:00
The ward team safety day is a one day simulation course for nursing teams to recognise risk factors commonly affecting communication and team working, with a focus on the skills outlined in the Circle of Care. The course offers the chance to practice tools including the safety briefing and huddle aide memoires in a variety of simulation based education techniques.

Participants will be introduced to a fully equipped simulated ward environment. As a team they will have the opportunity to practice using the Nightingale communication tools whilst caring for patients throughout a 12 hour period.

Learning outcomes

  • State the critical language used for an effective safety briefing
  • To explain the core elements of an SBAR based bedside handover
  • Explain how team members may be encouraged to speak openly about concerns within a mid-shift huddle
  • Recognise when colleagues need support and how to offer this to both peer and senior colleagues
  • State ways to effectively priorities make decisions and manage distractions, such as unplanned events

Who is the Course for?

All inpatient areas including adult, women’s and children’s

  • Ward nurses
  • Nursing assistants
  • midwives

Contact the Chief Nurses Office to book your team onto the Nightingale project training or call 02071851151

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