The Nightingale Project

The Nightingale Project

The Nightingale project seeks to address several key areas affecting the nursing workforce with the aim of enhancing communication which will in turn support multi-professional working and safe patient care.

Objectives were set by the Chief Nurse to improve systems and develop training to enable nursing staff to acquire the right skills and to feel confident as a member of the Multi Disciplinary Teams (MDT). This will enable staff to give care in the right place, get it right the first time, involve patients and carers and build upon what is working well within the organisation and to share best practice.

The Nightingale model



  • Introduce the concept of the Circle of Care model of Human Factors in Healthcare
    • how these affect everyday team working & the quality & safety of our patients
  • Facilitate recognition of the risk factors that can commonly affect communication and team working for everyone
  • Strengthen/ develop the concept of team resilience, inc. the interdependence of team members & its role in success
  • Outline the principles of the Nightingale Project for communication during:
    • First Hour: – Check-in, Safety briefing & Bedside handover
    • Mid-shift: – Huddle
    • Last Hour: – Hand over preparation
    • Check-out: -Team leave together



  • Ward safety tools/ Circle of Care

Interactive sessions:

  • Introduce you to the ward / patients
  • Safety Briefing – Deliberate practice
  • Bedside Handover – Clinical Scenario
  • SBAR Workshop
  • Mid-shift Huddle – Coaching Circle
  • Last Hour – Clinical Scenario
  • States of Readiness exercise


  • Participants or Observers- observer sheets

For more information on the course please see The Nightingale Project – Ward Team Safety Day or please see the Nightingale Project guide.

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