Return to Training

Course Duration: 4 Days

Registration: 08:30

Start Time: 08:45   End Time: 17.00

Returning to work after a career break can be a daunting prospect. For many people, it is an intimidating and isolating process with many challenges, including having to navigate system and service changes while relearning and refreshing clinical skills.

This interprofessional 4-day programme is for NHS clinicians who have had a break from clinical work or training and are returning to practice. The course is for doctors as well as nurses and allied health professionals from any specialty or setting.

–  The course will give the learners the opportunity to practice clinical skills while learning about major systemic changes across the NHS, and support available to returners.
–  Learners will go through common clinical scenarios highlighting both clinical skills as well as the values associated with practice.
–  There will be a forum for learners to discuss the concerns common to all who are returning to clinical work after being away for an extended period of time.

– The course will also focus on helping learners develop techniques to manage
– There will be an evening social event where learners can informally discuss issues, allowing them the opportunity to set up support networks.

To be confirmed

LOCATION: Lambeth Hospital & SaIL Centre GSTT

Lambeth Hospital 

Lambeth Hospital, Maudsley Simulation
Reay House, 108 Landor Road
London, SW9 9NT

SaIL Centre 

St Thomas’ Hospital, SaIL Centre
1st floor, St Thomas House
London, SE1 7EH

COST: No Charge


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