Surgical Skills Room

The surgical skills room, located in the SaIL Centre at St Thomas’ House, has been set up to facilitate practice of surgical technical skills, specifically laparoscopic skills.  The room contains 7 LaproTrain laparoscopic trainers, 1 LapSim Simball trainers set up for use in Obstetric & Gynaecology laparoscopic training and 2 virtual reality laparoscopic trainers with haptic feedback.  A variety of laparoscopic instruments and skillset practice material is available.  There is also a presentation facility in the form of a large screen, for teaching use.  It will be bookable by any surgical or gynaecology training grade doctors working at GSTT for individual practice, or for use as part of surgical courses, and is currently used as part of regular training programmes by a limited number of specialties.


Please do get in touch if you would like to book time in the skills room or are interested in working with us to provide training.

Call us on 02071884802 or email