Duty of Candour

Duty of Candourdoc

The Duty of Candour is a CQC regulation referring to the clear and honest communication that must take place with patients and their families and carers if they are harmed during care.

The key requirements are to:

  • Disclose any incident of moderate or more severe harm within 10 days of identification to patient and/or family/carer (as appropriate)
  • Offer an apology (an expression of sorrow or remorse)
  • Provide support to the patient, their family and carers
  • Feedback the outcomes of investigation to the patient/family/ within 10 days of sign-off
  • Record all of the above (on the Datix IR2 form and the investigation report)

Please also ensure immediate and ongoing support is provided to all staff involved in the incident, including those not in the immediate team.

Training in Duty of Candour in conjunction with the GMC is available on the following dates:

To book please contact the QIPS Team at [email protected]  

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Ian Abbs
Chief Medical Officer

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